Sausage stuffing with Cranberries

1 lb sausage 4 tsp butter 2 Apples (cored & chopped) 1/2 onion (finely chopped) 1 cup celery chopped 1 tsp poultry seasoning Salt/pepper 1 cup dehydrated cranberries (rehydrated in boiling water for 15 minutes) 1 tsp fresh sage chopped 6 cups bread cubes 1/3 cup parsley chopped 2-3 cups chicken stock Preheat oven toContinue reading “Sausage stuffing with Cranberries”

Maple Oven Roasted Chicken

This super easy, tasty chicken dinner takes about 15 minutes for prep and 45 minutes to cook. Ingredients: Chicken2 sweet potatoes2 large onionsMaple syrupAvocado oil/butterSalt/pepperHerbs Start by placing  4 quarters of fresh or frozen chicken into 2 cast iron skillets that have been rubbed with butter/coconut oil or avocado oil. Next, wash 2 large sweetContinue reading “Maple Oven Roasted Chicken”

Our freezer’s aren’t empty!

You’ve probably been to the grocery stores and seen their empty meat cases. Or you’re (wisely) avoiding the crowds of the stores. Even though we’re about 7 weeks from our first batch of chickens being ready, we do have some things for sale. The list is below. In keeping with social distancing we can figureContinue reading “Our freezer’s aren’t empty!”

Ann’s make you feel better chicken soup recipe

This is our go-to when someone in the family isn’t feeling great. We’ve even taken it to friends who are under the weather.Ingredients1 3-5 lb. Chicken (pasture raised is best!)Assorted veggies (we like carrots, celery and onions)Salt/Pepper/GarlicDried parsleyAmish Egg NoodlesDirectionsPlace chicken in large stock pot and fill with water, making sure to cover chicken completelyContinue reading “Ann’s make you feel better chicken soup recipe”